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Wow it's been a long time since I updated the blog.  This Side of Paradise is now heard live on Tuesday evenings at 5:00 (Eastern Time Zone) until 7:00.  Lost at Sea is now heard earlier in the day on Tuesday's and other random days of the week.

I'm still sampling my personal CD and vinyl record collections each show.  Being lazy, I just grab an alphabetical chunk of each collection and play a favorite from each selection.  Currently I have end of the R's and the beginning of the S's from my CDs, and the letters H through K from my vinyls.  Plus I will mix in some songs from the CDs I keep in my car, which are recent acquisitions.  Not necessarily new music, but new to me. 

Some of the artists in the CD bag: The Rutles, Saffire - The Uppity Blues Women, St. Vincent, The Brian Setzer Orchestra, William Shatner, The Shins, Shivaree, Michelle Shocked, Paul Simon, Sir Douglas Quintet, Sister Double Happiness, Sleater-Kinney, Small Faces, Smashing Pumpkins, Elliott Smith and Chris Smither.

Some of the artists in the vinyl bag: Jimi Hendrix, The Hollies, The Honeydrippers, Grayson Hugh, Joe Jackson, Jefferson Airplane, Garland Jeffreys, Daniel Johnston, The Kinks and Klark Kent.

Twitter: @steviejay82

Facebook: Stevie Jay at Area24Radio.com

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