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Who Speaks For The Roses? A Protest

  Though the two hours I spend presenting The Logovore's D are my favorite 120 minutes of each week, I will not be doing a show today. I make this sacrifice to protest the horrific treatment of literally millions of our friends in the vegetable kingdom. As I write this, rose bushes the world over, without their knowledge and most certainly without their consent, have already had their reproductive organs hacked off, bundled up (often in bunches of a dozen or more) and transported to far-flung locations throughout the so-called civilized world.

  Once the mutilated organs reach their destination, they are routinely festooned with blood-red ribbons, thrust into containers of cold water and put on display for all to see.  Grotesquely, all this is considered romantic. In fact, many people (especially women, I am sorry to say) have come to expect this from their mates as an expression of their affection.  And apart from praying their thorns will avail them in their hour of peril, the roses are powerless to prevent it.

  I hear some of you saying, "Don't worry, they'll grow back; and besides, they're so pretty."  That may be so, but if it were you or your loved ones so threatened, I doubt you'd be so sanguine about it.  In fact, I suspect you'd do anything in your power to prevent it, no matter how decorative the display might have been.

  There are alternatives out there, but these too are fraught with peril. Chocolates? How about brightly-wrapped bundles of doggie poison.  Diamonds? I hardly know where to begin on that subject.

  So I take what action I can.  I protest in silence.  I chop no roses. I buy no diamonds.  As for the rest of you, have a happy Valentine's Day.  I just hope you can live with yourselves.  See you next Monday.


Reader Comments (2)

Here, here! I stand in silence with you Logovore!

February 14, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterTreavor

No roses in our house, Tom. A few mums & carnations. And that pot of rosemary that's always on the kitchen table. An orphaned orchid that Susan left East when she went home, still blooming in the living room.

February 15, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterChris

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