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What ever happened to the music store?

As sad as it was, I was walking through the music section at Barnes and Noble looking for a CD.  This is what I have been reduced to.  I really wanted to buy a CD.  Lord knows Best Buy has cut back to a limited selection of CD's, but Barnes and Noble, it was just bad.  Was there anything specific I was looking for?  Not really, maybe a best of from a lesser known punk band.  All they had were top 100 stuff and well known albums.  I miss places like Tower Records.  I used to hang out at Tower on a Friday night when there was nothing to do.  I wanted to work there because I thought it would be like Empire Records (great moive by the way).  I blame iTunes.  Digital killed music stores.  It's a great tool, mp3's, iPods, all that jazz, but I like the physical object.  I like buying a CD, unwrapping it, listening to is in my car, then at home, and playing it on air.  You can't do that with digital.  Maybe I'm feeling a bit nostalgic (and I'm too young to feel nostalgic).  It just bothers me, a lot.

Anyway, I hope you have all been listening to me or any of the other awesome DJ's we have at Ares24Radio.  We all try very hard to give you music we love.  We like sharing our tastes.  You'll always have us to rely on, even if the stores all stop selling CD's.  

If it's too loud, you're too old.



What You Missed and What's Next

Hello Internet!

Dan here, just wanted to remind everyone out there that my show, The Rock Nerd, is still pumping out the music that I love, and I hope you enjoy it too!  If you missed me this week, you missed out on a very special show.  I honored my mother, who is retiring,  with a big set of music.  Like always, I played some great music and stuff you may have never heard.  If you missed me, go to the vault and check me out!

As for next week... well, it's a BIG surprise!  Like GAINT ROBOT BIG!  There will be more than meets the... ear... or something.  Just listen and be amazed. 

Until next time, transform and remember- if it's too loud you're too old.


What's in store this week?

Hey Internet!

Got a new show lined up this week.  I plan on starting off with a wicked awesome song that I heard this weekend.  All I can say is it rocks!  I might be bringing a guest on with me this week too, so listen up and enjoy the show.  As always, I'll have a mix of rock, punk, ska, and everything else.  Hope everyone tunes in.  And as always, if it's too loud, you're too old!



Have you been listening?  No?!  Well that's ok.  I just had my second show tonight.  Or maybe you have checked the show out.  In that case, thanks for being awesome!  

Everyweek I play some music that I love.  I try to change it up a bit so you don't hear the same band or the same songs every week.  Maybe you've heard something you like, maybe you've heard something you hate, or maybe you've heard somthing you never knew existed and it blew your mind.  Either way, keep checking the show out.  And please comment, call in, whatever.  Feedback help me give you all a better show.  

I'll post more blogs, maybe even give you a hint at what I'm doing in the weeks to come.  You'll never know with me. 

Thanks for reading, and remember, if it's too loud, you're too old!

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