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The Rock Nerd

hosted by Dan Lennane  //  Wednesday at 5p est


Hey again!

Wow, it's been a while since I've blogged on here.  Just want to warn the world that this week is an all out nerd out.  Aside from playing music, I'll be talking about a number of nerd based things, from comics to movies to video games and more!  So tune in, relax and fill your ears with some of the Rock Nerd's personal brand of poison!


What's better than...?

What's better than Nine Inch Nails?

What's better than the Avengers?

How about some Nine Inch Nails music being used in the Avengers trailer!!!


Quick Reminder

Hello Internet!

Guess what?  I moved my show time to 6pm (Eastern Time).  Same show, new time.  Might be lacking in afterparty goodness, but now I have a reason to rock even harder for 2 hours.  

Also, has anybody been reading any of the new 52 titles from DC comics?  Good stuff!

Cath you on the air waves!



(Mix)ing it up

Perhaps I'm clinging to a dying form of music, but I love CD's.  I have a bunch of random mp3's on my computer and 3 times a year I make a mix.  It always fiils a CD to capacity, about 20 songs or so.  I have been looking back at the mixes that I have made over the years and every time I look at one I think, "Wow, there are some great songs here!"  I also run across songs I totally forgot about.  I think every week for some time, I'll be pulling stuff off my mixes to play on air.  It could be fun.  I hope everyone checks it out.


If it's too loud, you're too old!




New music!

I just want to throw a quick blog up here to remind everyone to listen to my show this week (Wed at 5).  I'll be playing new music from a few bands, and some old favorites.  I hope you all tune in! 

If it's too loud, you're too old.