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Arg, it be a blog!

(In honor of National Talk Like A Pirate Day, I'm posting this blog... in Pirate Speak!)

So ye be lookin' for the one they call the Rock Nerd?  Sad to say, he's taking a short reprieve.  Tonight, he's journeying to the great Meadowlands to see a die hard man of rock and roll, the one and only Captain Springsteen!

And then, the followin' week, the Rock Nerd be gettin' his teeth yanked of their wisdom.  Perhaps they will be worth a shilling or two on the open market.  

With this tale of caution bein' told, the Rock Nerd says he be returnin' in 2 weeks, that's the 3rd of October!  New music aplenty!  So drop your anchors and keep it set to the Radio of Area 24!  We be seein' you soon!



New blog because I haven't posted one in a while...

My 1st concert was a Bon Jovi show on the "New Jersey" Album tour.  It was at the old Giant's Stadium.  Look up the video for "Lay Your Hands on Me" and you'll see a bridge that went out into the crowd.  That was there, it was like watching a music video in real life (cause at 5, that's how the world works).  

Since then I have seen Bon Jovi 12 times.  Not to brag but there are some people who haven't seen 12 shows in their life, let alone from the same band.  Bon Jovi opened the doors to the concert world to me.  But 5 year old me was brought there by my awesome mother.  I mean really, how many 5 year olds were at a Bon Jovi show back then?  Like none!  Mom has taken me to see so many bands.  We saw Aerosmith together, Elton John and Billy Joel, Pink Floyd, Bruce Springsteen, Carole King and James Taylor, and even Alice in Chains.  

Without my mother, I wouldn't be into music, I wouldn't even be a DJ.  She was on air last night with me.  It was one of my favorite shows I have done in my own broadcasting history.  My mom is living proof that you never grow out of rock and roll, it just grows with you.

Thanks Mom.


It's a bird...it's a plane... no, it's...!

Well, it's not Superman, but he might be mentioned.  Get this: we are now a week and a half away from the Avengers being released in theaters!  Do you have any idea how excited I am?  I don't think there's a measure to be honest.  I've been waiting for this to happen for 4 years.  That's a long time for a comic nerd.  I mean most stories are usually finished in a month, or give us the next chapter in that time.  But here we are, getting closer and closer.  

Now the question that's been bugging me: How do I celebrate this?  Why not do a radio show that is centered around Super heroes!  That's right, 2 hours tomorrow, one night only.  Music about heroes and villains, songs from the movies themselves and a special block devoted to Earth's Mightiest Heroes themselves, the Avengers!

Are you ready for an awesome show?


Story time!

Hello Internets.  

So just about 5 years ago now, I graduated college.  Where do the time go?

I think tomorrow on my show (6-8), I'll be doing things a bit differently.  Yes, you will recieve a ful dose of awesome music, but you'll be recieveing some stories as well.  I'll be revisiting my college days and sharing stories about the radio station I used to work in, WSTK.  Tune in and enjoy!


2012... IT'S ON!

I got a resolution for you:  Listen to my show!  6pm every Wedensday.  Want to know how I'm starting 2012?  You got to listen to find out, but I'll be in rare form tomorrow night.  I dare say this might be my best show to date!

Oh and Happy New Year.