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New Blog!

Ok, it's been a while since I have written a blog.  I apologize for that.  This is something that I really should pay more attention to.  I will try to post something monthly, or every two weeks if I can.

My show continues to air on Wednesday at 6pm (EST).  I have been enjoying playing new music from local acts as of late.  You may have heard American Pinup on my show.  They are a local band worth checking out.  I truly enjoy their music.  I'm hoping that I can sweet talk them into stopping by my show this year.  Keep your fingers crossed!  They released an EP last year called "The Radio E.P."  It's damn near perfect.  I featured it in my Top 10 Year End Countdown back in December.  It deserved to be on that countdown, it's so good.  

Another local act that I am really digging is Brian Milligram.  He just moved to Nashville, so I suppose he's not too local anymore.  To me, he's like an America Frank Turner.  His lyrics paint a wonderful picture in each of his songs.  From heartbreak to joy, anger to happiness, you can find every emotion in his music.  His current album is out on Manic Kat Records now, it's called "Dead Letters".   I was lucky enough to have him on my show two days before he moved.  He was a lot of fun to hang around with and I had a great time with him on air!

I'll wrap the blog up here for now.  Stay tuned for more posts.  Leave a comment if so inclined.  I'll see you on the airwaves!

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