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The Rock Nerd

hosted by Dan Lennane  //  Wednesday at 5p est



I'm keeping this short.  I have some exclusive news regarding Spider-Man that I'll be sharing tonight (March 9th, 2016) on my radio show.  Tune in at 6pm EST to find out more!


7th Grade Book Music

When I was in 7th grade, my English teacher made us read A Wrinkle In Time.  In case you have never heard of it, it's a fantasy book which I remember enjoying, I think there's a movie too.

Anyway, one day we had to choose a song that would pair with one particular scene in the book.  We had to write why we would pick this particular song and provide a bunch of reasons.  I remember what I wrote.  I simply wrote that I didn't know what I would use.  The short version of this is that I argued that the scene seemed so unique that there was nothing I have heard that would be able to sum up the feeling of the moment.  My teacher followed that up with a 0 and made me rewrite the paper.  So I tried again.  I decided to use A-Ha's "Take On Me".  I did this for two reasons.  The first being that I liked the song and I actually made some points as to why it would work.  The second reason was because I decided to be a jerk and mess with my teacher by picking the quintessential 80's song.  Apparently, in 7th grade, opinions don't matter and my teacher gave me an 80 because she didn't like that song (which was written on top of my paper, no joke).

To my 7th grade teacher, I'm sorry that I didn't pick whatever pop song all my peers picked.  I'm now aware that N*Sync's music was much more capable of summing up the mood in that scene.

Since then, every time someone asks me what piece of music I would use for a scene I answer with A-Ha's "Take On Me".  I think it's funny that almost 20 years later, one writing assignment has left me bitter.  What's worse is that I tend to read things now and wonder how I could get "Take On Me" into the book.


Back on air

I wasn't on air last week.  But I was back this week.  I played a tone of stuff and featured Metallica's version of Last Caress/Green Hell as the cover song of the week.  I hope that if you listened, you enjoyed it.

Not much is new on my end.  I am ramping up for all the toy reveals that will come from the NY Toy Fair.  I'll be talking about that on air for sure!

I just wanted to check in, there will be a long blog coming soon. 


New Blog!

Ok, it's been a while since I have written a blog.  I apologize for that.  This is something that I really should pay more attention to.  I will try to post something monthly, or every two weeks if I can.

My show continues to air on Wednesday at 6pm (EST).  I have been enjoying playing new music from local acts as of late.  You may have heard American Pinup on my show.  They are a local band worth checking out.  I truly enjoy their music.  I'm hoping that I can sweet talk them into stopping by my show this year.  Keep your fingers crossed!  They released an EP last year called "The Radio E.P."  It's damn near perfect.  I featured it in my Top 10 Year End Countdown back in December.  It deserved to be on that countdown, it's so good.  

Another local act that I am really digging is Brian Milligram.  He just moved to Nashville, so I suppose he's not too local anymore.  To me, he's like an America Frank Turner.  His lyrics paint a wonderful picture in each of his songs.  From heartbreak to joy, anger to happiness, you can find every emotion in his music.  His current album is out on Manic Kat Records now, it's called "Dead Letters".   I was lucky enough to have him on my show two days before he moved.  He was a lot of fun to hang around with and I had a great time with him on air!

I'll wrap the blog up here for now.  Stay tuned for more posts.  Leave a comment if so inclined.  I'll see you on the airwaves!


What's been going on?

Hello everyone!  Long time no post.  

We are almost at Halloween!  That means I'll be doing my annual cover song show.  What do I have in store for you this year?  Well, A LOT!  I set my rules for this show and it's pretty simple- if it's a cover song, I'll play it.  I normally choose from cover songs that have been featured on my show in the past, that way I don't use up my supply of the upcoming "Cover Song of the Week".  In case you have never tuned in, I feature a new cover song each week on air.  Sometimes it's an old cover, sometimes it's a new one.  It might be obscure, true to the original or taken in a completely different direction.  Either way, it's always fun.

Tune in next Wednesday (October 29, 2014) at 6pm EST for this special show.  You can also tune in every Wednesday night at 6pm as well.  

And remember, there's no such thing as too loud!