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The Old Fart At Play

hosted by Zack Chaikin   //  Friday at 5p est


Greetings Earthlings!

Back in the good old days of free-form FM, the arrival of a new album (that's in vinyl, kiddies) would promise lots of airplay, even whole sides without interruption. Well,  due out real soon is the new cd "Director's Cut," from  the uber-quirky Kate Bush. Or shall I say, new cd with old material. Kate Bush being Kate Bush, she decided to remake some of the selections from her last few albums, "The Sensual World," "Hounds of Love," and "Aerial." Ever the perfectionist, Kate re-recorded vocals, tweaked the instrumentation and got exactly what she wanted.  Not that WE we disappointed with her stuff; weird is as weird does.  So just as soon as this old fart can get his gnarly fingers on "Director's Cut," he will devote many minutes on "The Old Fart at Play" to her new/old cd. Expect some new/old comparisons and you can be the judge.