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The Whole Enchilada

I always feel a little apologetic giving any kind of instructions for cooking Mexican food.  I am possibly the biggest gringa on Planet Earth.  I live in the Northeast. The stuff I cook in various Latin styles is NOT authentic.

It is, however, tasty.  And in the spirit of The Dinner Party, here's what to do with leftover steak (especially leftover skirt steak) from an actual, non-radio dinner gathering.  As usual, my proportions are eye-balled...

Gringa Enchiladas

One can of crushed tomatoes (28 oz. can)

four tablespoons neutral oil--like canola

four tablespoons flour

three or four chopped or pressed garlic cloves

a teaspoon or two of the sauce from canned chipotle peppers

a shake or two of cumin and chili powder

salt and pepper


The above is for the sauce.  Heat the oil and quickly cook the garlic in it, but do not let it brown.  Whisk in the flour, cook for a minute or two, and add the tomatoes.  If the mixture seems too thick, add some water--you can always add water!  Season to taste with the chipotle, the chili powder and cumin, and the salt and pepper.  This should be a little thinner than a pasta sauce, and not be wickedly spicey. LET IT COOL.  You will be touching this with your fingers later.


For the stuffing:

a little oil for the pan

Your leftover steak, sliced very thin

A medium onion, cut in half and sliced thin

a red or green pepper, cut very thin

a shake of hot sauce, some salt and pepper to taste

if you don't have too much leftover steak,  a small can of drained black beans


Saute the veg in a little oil--you can use olive oil for this--and add the steak when the veg mixture is soft.  If it looks like not enough, you can add a small can of drained black beans.  Season to taste, and let it cool for a few minutes


Grate a half a pound of either good cheddar or jack cheese, or a mix

And of course, soften about 12 corn tortillas in the nuker--wrap in paper towels and zap for maybe fifteen or twenty seconds.

Grease the bottom of a lasagna pan.  One by one, dip the tortillas in the tomato sauce. Then form the enchiladas.  I lay them flat in the pan, sprinkle with some of the cheese, put in a few tablespoons of the steak mixture and roll them.  You can usually get 12 enchiladas in a lasagna pan.  When you're done forming the enchiladas, put a stripe of tomato sauce down the middle of the dish, and top with more cheese.  Bake at 350 for about a half hour.  Not super-authentic, but very tasty.  And all  you need is a salad and you've got dinner! 


See you on the air!

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