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Sponge Bob Crab Cake

Crab cakes are a thing.

But of course, unless you live on the mid-Atlantic shore, or a bit to the South of it, you are not going to get the genuine article.  This does not seem to stop various New York City area pub-grub places from putting crab cakes on their menus--especially at brunch, with hollandaise sauce over them.  After a few mimosas, they seem like a kind of okay idea that way, but I promise you these joints are not using fresh crab.  They are using the same aseptically-packed crab you can get in your mega mart. 

Which is my point: away from the Maryland shore, the aseptically-packed crab isn't so bad.  A little pricey, but not nuts, and you can happily feed three hungry people on a pound of the stuff--or four polite people if you have some nice side dishes and you get away from the Crab Benedict nonsense.  I like cole slaw and a grilled ear of corn.  This is summertime food--but the thing is, you could easily come up with some sort of down home Southern style sides in the winter.  Probably mac and cheese and collards would be great.  Of course, that would be great all by itself, so I digress.

Here's a recipe that works fine for either lovely fresh lump blue crabmeat or the kind you get in the mega mart.  I'd serve it with homemade tartar sauce--a cup of Helllman's mayo, maybe half a cup of chopped dill or sweet pickles (or a mix), a few tablespoons of capers, some chopped dill, some chopped shallots if you have them (dried work okay if you have a while to let the sauce sit), and a squeeze of lemon. 

If you can make tuna salad and fry hamburgers in a skillet, you can do this recipe.  No great mystique here!

Chow down, and see you on the air Friday at 3!



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