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A New Recipe At Last!

...and it's for a cocktail, shades of my old show.

I've been to Canada and back since I last wrote anything here.  And have gotten home and done a couple of recipe-less Dinner Parties on the station.

When we were at The Algonquin Hotel in St. Andrew's, New Brunswick, we had a drink with these ingredients in it.  I loved it and played with it some until I got it right at home.  After the week the world's had, I think we could all use a refreshing, fruity drink.  So why not make a pitcher and invite friends?

Let's call my version The Sweetness and Light!

For one pitcher--five or six drinks:

One big pink grapefruit

two or three limes

12 oz of vodka (I like Tito's)

2 or three ounces of Elderflower liqueur, like St. Germaine

a squirt of simple syrup or light agave, to taste

Freshly ground black pepper

a few sprigs of rosemary, fresh


Squeeze the citrus fruit into a pitcher, and offset the tartness a bit with the agave or simple syrup.  Add the vodka and the St. Germaine's.  Dump in a LOT of ice and stir like crazy. (Alternatively, you could shake this if you have a big shaker, or shake it in batches.) Taste for balance and add whatever you think you need; it should be gently sweet with the grapefuit giving it some interest.  Fill five or six Old-Fashioned glasses with ice and pour drink over.  Garnish each drink with a grinding of black pepper, a sprig of rosemary, swizzle, and serve.  I like to drink this through a narrow straw, old school cocktail bar style. 

Throw something simple on the grill.  After this week, I'd advise two pitchers. 


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