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Shrimps for the Resistance!

Sometimes, you're so full of the news you can't peel yourself away from the TV to cook--even for The Dinner Party.  Sometimes, when things are particularly absurd, the appropriate meal seems to be popcorn and trying to pretend the whole thing is a movie.

Turns out a pound of shrimps is all you need.  You can leave their shells on and simmer them a couple of minutes until they are pink and as firm as you like them, and serve them warm with butter to dip into. Lots of fish mongers sell them shells on, veins taken out (well, mostly), so that's an easy way to go.  Choose that dinner and it's actually about as quick as popcorn, and if you're worried about veggies, toss in a salad.  Sit in front of MSNBC and shake your head. 

If you don't want to be feral, you can make a quick red sauce with a splash of olive oil, a chopped onion, three or four cloves of garlic (pressed or minced), a shake of crushed red pepper, and a can of good crushed tomatoes (Muir Glen or Sclafani). Sizzle a couple of chopped anchovies or a little anchovy paste in with the onion and garlic before you add the tomatoes.  Simmer five or ten minutes, and put in the CLEANED AND SHELLED shrimp (you can get lazy and buy 'em that way.  I give you permission.). Poach the shrimp in the sauce a few minutes, until they are as firm as you like them.  Give a stir, throw in a tablespoon of capers if you like, and a handful of chopped parsley.  Serve over pasta. 

Or then there's this:  Shrimp curry.  Any recipe that has coconut milk is probably damn good.  Thank you, Food and Wine! 

The world's a mess.  Let us eat shrimps!  (See you on the air at  4 PM)

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