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It's FOOF Season again!

You can't improve on the classics, and Tuna Foof is among them.  Here's what I wrote last August on the topic.  I'm Christine Potter, and I approve of this recipe:

Mayo. I'm talking mayo, ladies and gentlemen.  Mayo is the substance that holds summer together.  I'm talking a dish A24r DJ and music director Tom Jones taught me.  I'm talking Tuna Foof.  It was a meal of his childhood. 

Tuna Foof is quick, cheap, and tasty.  It is just the thing on a summer night.  Everyone loves it.  It's a tuna fish macaroni salad.  Gourmets may sneer, but once they get a little of it, they will eat a LOT of it.  Here's how I do it:


One box of macaroni (I use ziti or fusilli, but elbow is classic, and although I use whole wheat pasta, plain old non-fancy white pasta is classic, too.)

Two cans of light (not white) tuna fish.  These days I do Italian imported.  But Bumble Bee is fine.  Drain well before using, and give a quick sort of semi-rinse if there's a lot of oil (don't really wash it, but get enough oil off so it won't be too heavy)

A couple of ribs celery, chopped fine, AND OR half a red or green pepper, also chopped fine

A ripe summer tomato, diced, or a handful of cut-up cherry tomatoes

A handful of fresh dillweed, or a shake of dried

Mayo to moisten.  How much is up to you.  Be generous.

A squeeze of lemon juice.

Salt and pepper to taste.  (I find this often does not need salt, if you've used enough in the pasta water.)

Cook the pasta in well-salted water until quite tender--a bit past al dente.  Drain well, and rinse in cold water to speed cooling.  Mix with the rest of the ingredients in a nice, big bowl.  Adjust seasoning: more lemon?  A grind of pepper?  Chill and serve ice cold.

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