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Why You Should Make Cheese Fondue Now

Here are the reasons, and at the end is a link to Melissa Clark's NY Times recipe.  It's very similar to the one in the last Joy of Cooking, which is also just fine.  The Joy suggests just bread as a dipper; Melissa Clark has some more inventive ideas.

But here are the reasons why you should make the stuff:

1. It takes about fifteen minutes, really.

2. Melted cheese is the best thing ever, but it's better while the weather is still cold.

3. Some studies are actually coming to the conclusion that cheese is GOOD for you, although I am not going to pretend that this is not an indulgent meal.

4. You have to do something with that bottle of kirsch that you bought two years ago when you made the stuff for a party.  You don't need to wait for guests to make cheese fondue.

5. It will make the people who eat it happy.  If it's just you and your mate, it will make him or her happy.  You can play that game where the person who drops his or her chunk of bread (or whatever) into the fondue has to kiss everyone at the table.  Even if there's only one everyone!

6. You will drink the rest of the wine from the bottle you cooked with, and then it will make  your nightly viewing of Rachel Maddow much merrier.

Reasons enough?  Here's the link! 

See you on the air at 4!

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