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Buttermilk and chicken!

I posted on this on the Facebooger last week, so I thought I'd elaborate here.  This is a mish-mash of recipes I have used over time to make good chicken breast cutlets, breaded and and shallow-fried.  It is not especially low-fat or low-carb, but it's not terrible for you, either.  You could probably do a version of this to make chicken fingers or nuggets for kids.  My husband, who loves nursery food, adores this recipe.  Here's what you do.


About a pound and a half of boneless, skinless chicken breasts

Enough buttermilk to cover them in a bowl or baggie

Step one: If the chicken breasts are not thin sliced, you probably want to put them, one at a time, in a baggie, and pound them out with a meat hammer or a fry pan.  You're aiming for less than an inch thick, pretty much evenly all around.  Cut them into serving pieces. If you don't have a baggie to pound them out in, cover the breast you are pounding out with a piece of Saran Wrap.

Step two: Put the chicken in the buttermilk and put it in the fridge.  Carefully wash your hands and any utensils or cutting boards that have been in contact with raw chicken.  Steep the chicken in the buttermilk for three or four hours anyway.  (You could probably do this before you go to work in the morn and then come home to cook supper.)


Take the chicken out of the buttermilk and blot it with paper towels.  Leave it damp, not dripping. 

Make three bowls or dinner plates into dipping stations.  Bowl one is flour mixed with salt and pepper.   Bowl two is an egg beaten with a few tablespoons of water and a couple of shots of tabasco sauce.  Bowl three is good quality commercial bread crumbs (you want them dry. A good option is to buy bakery bread crumbs.  Some megamarts will even sell you some from their bakery counter). Flour, egg, and crumb the breasts. 

Now get out the skillet you have with the widest bottom on it.  Nonstick will make your life easier here, but it's not  crucial.  Melt as much butter as you like in a good splash of olive oil.  (Be generous; we're talking maybe three tablespoons of fat here, anyway.)

Brown the cutlets over a medium flame.  Voila!  If you are nervous about them being cooked through, you can knick the thickest one to check, but pounding them makes them thin enough so that shouldn't be a problem.  And the buttermilk keeps them moist.

Serve with creamed spinach and brown rice. 


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