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Sonic Shock Therapy

hosted by Treavor Hastings  //  Monday at 5p est

"This program is theraputic for me and hopefully it will be for you.  A couple of hours to escape  and reset the brain. You can expect a healthy mix of blues, rock, jazz, funk, prog, psychedelia, stupidity and drama.  No rules, no pre-programmed playlists.  Have a listen.  You never know, it could lift your spirits or even piss you off -- and won't that be fun! " - th


The Brothers of March

It's always nice to be a New Yorker in March – 74th and Broadway becomes the center of the universe. That is, if you're an Allman Brothers Band fan.  I've probably seen them over a dozen times at the Beacon Theater.  There is no more perfect venue in New York City, in my humble opinion. 


Without losing who they are at the core, the band has evolved into a 7-piece freight train.  If you're not on your own personal A-Game for one of their shows then you're going to get run over.  They bring it.  Night after night.  And they do it for many, many, many nights. 


Now, I say they've evolved into what they are -- some would argue they always were.  I'd refer them to the stuff that was coming out in the late 70's and 80's from those guys.  But that's neither hip nor funky.  Point is -- they bleepin' rock.  And they never cease to impress me.  Derek Trucks may single handedly -- or double handedly -- steer that ship each night.  I mean, yes it's easier to coast when you have Oteil, Butch, Jaimoe and Marc as a rhythm section...but he really is the motor to that vessel.  But that isn't to say that any one of them is more important than the other.  They are a band.  And it's a well known fact that I'm an enormous fan of Warren's.  And Gregg is singing better than he has in years.  


It's an experience.  And I'm glad it's March. 



Name game...

It's been on my mind for some time.  I was thinking - every time I load up the car and head up to the studio, I always feels like I'm off to see my therapist.  A music therapist.   That's what the show feels like to me.  I take all the energies I've experienced during the week and regurgitate them into a 2 hour digital heave of of moods and grooves.  And when it's all said and done, I feel rejuvenated.  Much like I would were I in a therapist's office, I suppose. 

And this got to me thinking even more.  What if I changed the name of the show?  What if, instead of Sonic Streamz, the shows title better reflected the experience - at least from my perspective.  But what could I call it?  Music Therapy?  I mean, that's really what it is.  So I ponder.

What are your thoughts?


I'm curious.




On my radar...

How these guys have managed to illude my attention -- I have no idea.  But I'm a fan now!  Check em out....Band of Horses: 


Who is Jackie Greene?

I first saw Jackie playing with Phil Lesh and Friends at the Nokia Theater in Times Square a couple years back. Until that moment, I hadn't heard any of his music, just his name.  I was really impressed with his performance and his interplay with Larry Campbell.   After seeing him live, I started to dig deeper.  First it was the YouTubing then it was downloading all of his CD's.  I was hooked.  There's something so honest and genuine about his songs and his musicianship; it struck a chord with me (so to speak).  So, over the last several months I've been inundating my brain with Jackie's music.  Have you heard any?

 Visit Jackie here: JackieGreene.com

Here's a snippet from his bio:

Where you're going has always been more important than where you've been. By his music, Jackie Greene appears to have been through every major American musical influence: from country, to jazz, to folk to rock. And, marked by the release of his newest album American Myth, it's clear that Greene knows where he's going. His roots twist to create a unique sound, combining the introspectiveness of an engaging songwriter with the energy of a chemically charged rock band.

Growing up in a small, rural town in Northern California, Greene took to music quickly, eventually outgrowing the tastes of his peers. On his own, he discovered the lost sides of Hank Williams, Ray Charles, Leadbelly and Muddy Waters. America’s past it seems, was all available on 12” wax.  Shortly after high school, Greene took the lessons of these records to this stage. His career picked up steam as he played hoot-nights and coffeehouses. Dubbed a 'young blues prodigy' he moved to Sacramento, releasing the self-produced album
Rusty Nails from the trunk of his car. It led to his signing with indie label Dig Music, eventually morphing into the folksier artist seen on 2003's Gone Wanderin'. Always progressing, Greene leaped ahead again on Sweet Somewhere Bound, an amalgam of rustic blues and classic country.


By the tender age of 23, Greene had 3 albums, a DVD and miles of touring under his belt. But
in 2005 and 2006, he took an unexpected turn from acoustic folk to rock and roll, releasing American Myth for the Verve Forecast/Universal label and putting together a world-class rock band along the way.
The journey, though by no means easy, is now the depth behind his music. From humble beginnings in foothill dive bars to a world wide fan base, Jackie Greene has done everything his own way. While others waste their time—and their credibility—on becoming slaves to the spotlight, you'll find Greene mastering his craft.

"I've been writing, recording and performing non-stop. I've lived in cars, hotels, basements…slept on floors, couches, strange girl's beds. I wrote lots of songs in those places. Some I'll never remember, but that's all part of it, I guess.”



A snippet from the official video for "I'm So Gone"

The official video for "Shaky Ground"


Jackie performing one of my favorites: "Just Don't Let the Devil Take Your Mind"



Im going to Madison Square Garden with Gus Mason and Web Girl this coming Sunday to see Further -- that's the most recent incarnation of the Dead.   I have an uncontrolable addiction to all things DEAD.  I just can't stop -- and why would I want to?  The songs never grow old.  Meantime, I just ordered this the CRIMSON, WHITE and INDIGO set.  It's a 1989 show from Philly -- It's the final show at JFK Stadium.   Here's a video from the show...ENJOY!

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