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Summertime Treats



Summer time is here music lovers! The beach and parks are ready for you to take them over. But wait…Do you have the proper music to celebrate the great season? Of course listening to The Rent Party will make the summer more fun. But I have a few items that will make it even sweeter.


I’m not afraid to mention others who do a great job on the air. They all add something magical to the radio experience and make listening worthwhile. So give these shows a listen to and just have fun grooving on!


Area 24 Radio: If you like other music than the music I play check out my other teammates. You’ve heard me mention them before and I mean it. The DJ’s at Area 24 Radio have fun with what they do and it shows. If I didn’t feel that way I wouldn’t mention them. Listen, Experience & Enjoy.


The Group Harmony Alley: Christine Vitale at WFDU Sundays at 7pm. The High Priestess of Harmony brings you a classy group harmony show that is real and no fluff stuff. A great show because she has a great selection of music. Doesn’t hurt that she’s a 5 Royale fan either. You can find her at www.wfdu.com


The Malt Shop Hop: Peter Merret PBS Australia Wednesdays at 12pm(Australia Time). My Brother on the other side of the world. Peter puts together a great show with some great tunes. Sure he’s in Australia but the man can jam! Tune in and he’ll make you a believer. You can find him at www.pbsfm.org.au




Here are some artists to make the summer cooler:


The Dreamlovers: Great Philadelphia group sounds here. There are a couple of CDs with their music. They are more than just “When we get married” Which is a great song but they have several others including “Take it from a fool”, “Together” & “While we were dancing” just for starters. Have fun singing along with some true Philly legends.



The Crows: The group that made “Gee” is a truly underrated one. There is a Crows CD that has some great music to groove to. They had some great jazzy sounds and could sing a ballad too like “I love you too”. Plus the CD also has the original ‘real’ version of “Gee” which is up-tempo without the echo. The Crows will add some zip to your summer.





Kim Weston: There are a couple of great CDs for this Motown Diva. Either way you can’t go wrong with her. On her Greatest hits CD she does a rendition of “Lift Every Voice” which is amazing and her duets with Marvin Gaye are timeless. In the NYC area she is over looked but do not overlook her CDs she will definitely make the summer cooler.


Orquestra Oriental: My Latin music pick: This is one of the bands Ibrahim Ferrar (of Buena Vista Social Club fame) sang with. This band of Brothers are incredible with their rhythms and arrangements. I know of one CD they are on and it does feature Ibrahim singing on several tracks. These are original tracks and not messed up like Buena Vista when the producer decides he wants to add his bad playing to the mix. It’s hot and just right for the summer.


Billy Stewart: How can you go wrong here? One of the most dynamic singers of all time and because of that you have to find his music. He started out as Bo Diddley’s piano player (after growing up and singing in a group with Marvin Gaye) and graduated up to singing superstar. He never sings a song the same way once and does some fantastic work with group sounds as well as solo work. Find a CD that covers the majority of his work and not just one that has 10 of his songs. BTW music lovers Maurice White of Earth, Wind & Fire plays drums on some of his songs.


Jimmy Rogers: My blues pick: A member of Muddy Waters band. He is almost forgotten with his solo work. But this guy is one good blues player. For one the band who backs him features Little Walter or Walter Horton or some other Chess label all star. This guy can put together a tune and play his butt off. Even though you may have heard of him find one of his CDs. His Chess material from the 1950’s is very hot. You can’t go wrong here.


Now you have some suggestions to make the summer more fun. I hope you enjoy them.

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