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Thoughts in a blizzard

Well here I am sitting here in this blizzard staring at the snow and cursing that I couldn’t be snowed in at Area 24 Radio. Now that would be a lot of fun like being trapped in the candy store and having a sweet tooth.

But all of this sitting around has got me thinking about some really prolific artists and the music they’ve made and it’s impact. Think for a second…can you name the number one artists of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s? If you don’t know that’s ok. I’ll help you out.

I’m going to talk about the Superstar in the 1940’s and I’ll talk about the other two some other time.

This Titan of the 1940’s is none other the one and the only Louis Jordan. Forget the Broadway musical for now because it doesn’t really do him justice. Take a look at his recording legacy. This man came from Chick Webb’s orchestra to revolutionize the music of the time to make it Rhythm and Blues.

He went from the big band concept back to the hot combo concept (which was still around with the hot jazz guys) but this combo was playing the music of big bands as good as the big bands and if not better in some cases. The Tympani Five could hang with The Count and The Dukes orchestras.

They would drive audiences crazy with their Boogie-woogie rhythms and knock them out with ballad pieces to boot.

I’m saying all of this so you can go out and listen for yourself to the great music of Louis Jordan. The man dominated the 40’s in a way that many could not and did not even to this day.

True Jordan didn’t play at the Super bowl half time but if it was around at his height they might have let him play even with the segregation.  And don’t bring up music videos- why…because he was one of the pioneers of that medium. Look it up it’s there.

I also love the great stories he tells in his songs. They are epic and funny at the same time. His influence on songwriters is felt for a long time. Chuck Berry has said many times what Louis meant to him. Many have wished they could craft a song as well as he does.

When you listen to his songs and his magic hits you, you know you’re going on a fun journey whether it happy or sad you’re hooked on his groove and can’t get out of it.

I’m not going to write about all of his achievements and everyone he’s influenced. His music speaks for itself. True I’m trapped in a snowstorm so I have time to listen to him. But you can listen to him while reading this whenever you’re reading it. So go and find yourself some Louis Jordan. He’s on youtube and he’s waiting for you to jam along with him.

**Please do not listen to Louis Jordan and the Tympani Five while doing dangerous activities such as brain surgery, monster hunting, nuclear fission, handling a death ray or osmosis. **



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