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Greetings and salutations

Hello Area 24 Radio Family!!! I’ve finally sat down to write in the blog. First of all let me thank the staff here for letting me on the air here at Area 24 radio. It’s great to be on a team that’s trailblazing their way on the internet.

If this is your first time here with the Man of Action then I take it that you’re in to R&B of years gone by. That’s a good thing. The show is not a “Safe” show. I can jam with the best of them spinning the songs that move you not the safe song you might be used to.

 If you say “Since I Fell for You” I’ll say Buddy Johnson or the Harptones (as well as many others) and not Lenny Welch. Lenny did a nice job but so many better versions were done way before he came around and I believe that they should be remembered and honored. To many of the Heroes and She-roes of Black music are forgotten and ignored. This show will honor their contribution to our music that has shaped the world’s musical landscape for over 100 years.  Like I said it’s not a safe show, but it is a good one.

A little info about your host: been on the radio for almost 30 years and put together this show back in the 80’s while in college (that’s when I met Captain Al of Lost at Sea fame). It has evolved a lot and I’ve had lots of fun over the years. The latest bit of fun on the show now is the inclusion of music from across the African Diaspora during the 50’s & 60’s. You can’t take the African out of African music and the Rent Party keeps it there.

 The rhythms, instruments and traditions came from West Africa across the Atlantic (via the evil slave trade) went to the Caribbean and South America then made its way to the United States. The music developed in the last century in these areas is connected and there is some beautiful music made in Havana, Puerto Rico, New Orleans, Jamaica, Detroit and New York City.

Believe me when I say it’s no mistake when you play Graciela followed by Martha Reeves then throw in some Sonny Boy Williamson they all fit rhythmically. And they all influenced each other. Tune in and I’ll drop some info nuggets your way about it (what little I know).

Like I said it’s not a ‘safe’ show but it’s a fun show with some great music. I rock the boat on musical myths and misconceptions and rock the house for two hours from my Pyramid of Power. If you have the Monday blues I’ll get you in your Tuesday groove at The Man of Action’s Rent Party!

Thanks for tuning in.

Reader Comments (2)

Been checkin' out your show, it is excellent.........Peace!

Thanks for the kind words. I'll keep working hard so you jam on!

December 13, 2012 | Registered CommenterRich Jackson

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