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Random Madness

hosted by Lou Cannizzaro  //  Monday at 7p est


Area24Radio.com, revitalize your mind!

Suddenly as nightfall unfolded into day and as I parted the tree branches infront of me.  I realized this was no strange place. They were comfortable surroundings, the people were friendly, they fed me warm earcandy to add to my collection of oddities in my backpack, welcomed me like a long lost brother then allowed me into the room with all the computers, mixers, recorders buttons and knobs. Funny, there seems to be no padding on these walls? Curiously and cautiously I slid the volume up on turntable #1, the platter whirled and the magical sounds of music filled the room. Randomness can previal here in Area 24!
Thanks to the two "human(esk)" figures that appeared in the light on that dark day to lead me to the area within my mind that I didn't know existed yet. Area24Radio.com!

A huge and gracious THANK YOU to Christine Potter & Tom Jones for making it happen!
Explore Area24Radio.com, a new world of sound experience and growing each day.

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