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Lost At Sea

hosted by Allan Rosenberg  //  Tuesday at 5p est


The Next Three "Lost" Shows!

May 3rd- We'll be trying to mix in more instrumental music this week to see what kind of music mixes the Captain can create.

May 10th- The 5 year anniversary show with lots of "Lost at Sea" classics!

May 17th- The return of Steve Simels!!!


Corrina say join us!


4/26 Lost at Sea Update!

We will be playing catch up this week with a little bit from hear (bad pun, sorry) and a little bit from ear. Lots of fun new stuff.

Also the Sarah Borges tickets are still available. 


Captain & Corrina


Capt. screws up Sarah Borges show date!!!

The two free tickets available for the Sarah Borges show at The Turning Point in Piermont, NY are for April 29th at 8PM not April 22nd.

Let me know if you are interested by leaving a message below in comments.


Capt. Al


A Tidal Wave of Music coming on "Lost at Sea"!

Here is the upcoming "Lost at Sea" schedule.

On Friday April 15th at 7PM we will present this week's broadcast which will feature lots of new musical finds and a mess of R&B and Soul music.

Then on Tues April 19 from 3-7PM there will be a double dip of "Lost at Sea". At 5PM will will finally have our special presentation of "American Dream, American Nightmare", our musical comentary on the state of America 2016. Be sure to keep your head low.


Captain Al & Corrina


Death and Taxes!

Well I'm not dead so I have to pospone the 4/12/16 Lost at Sea so I can see the accountant. We don't want the IRS taking the boat now do we?

Say tuned for when I will be rescheduling the show, hopefully later this week.

Be well and don't get seasick!

Captain Al