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Lost At Sea

hosted by Allan Rosenberg  //  Tuesday at 5p est


Check out this and next week's show, topic: Heaven & Hell

One of the pleasures of working in a free format radio station is you really can pursue interesting playlists with only the self imposed limits of good taste/common sense (if one has any?) limiting you.

With that in mind, I would be interested in your feeling on my latest shows with the theme of Heaven & Hell.

Did you enjoy the playlist of songs? Am I too conservative or liberal in my interpretation of the topic? Do any of the songs offend you? Do shows like this speak too or for you?

One of the great things about rock & roll has been it's ability to cover a multitude of topics. While this topic might be a little heavy for some, I feel the listeners of Area24radio look forward to being challenged every once in a while in their listening to music. Otherwise why would you be listening to us. Let's hear from you...


Be well, still lost at Sea

Allan Rosenberg






Top Roots Rockers

I was recently reading an old issue of Rolling Stone Magazine which featured their yearly(?) listing of the year's Top Tens in music and I thought this format might be a great way to get me off my mental lazy ass and start me posting.


Top Roots Rockers still plying their musical wares: (in no particular order)

Dave Alvin 

John Doe

Lucinda Williams

Richard Thompson

Los Lobos

Roues Brothers (Roues Brothers, Upsouth Twisters, Finn & the Sharks, Big Jim Wheeler & Wheels of Fire, Thieves)

Otis Taylor

Peter Himmelman

Elvis Costello & the Imposters

North Mississippi Allstars

Emmylou Harris

Buddy Miller

Mavis Staples

Bob Dylan

- And let's see these knuckleheads get off their asses and get some new music out:

Cheri Knight

Tonio K

Rolling Stones

Julie Miller

Finally a big welcome back to The Jayhawks who are getting very active after a five year layoff.

So who would be on your list? Who do you disagree with on my list?


Keep checking in, I hope to show up here on a regular basis from now on.


Always Lost at Sea

Allan Rosenberg



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