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Lost At Sea

hosted by Allan Rosenberg  //  Tuesday at 5p est


Tuesday 11/15 - Steve Simels will be our guest

Air time to time to be announced, so check back. We may have some really cool guests calling in!
Join us!
Captain Al, Corrina, Fudgie and Thunderbird!

Special in Studio Guest this Tuesday 8/16

Blogger of the great music blogsite 'Burning Wood' Sal Nunziato will be joining "Lost at Sea" at a special time from 12Noon - 4PM Tuesday August 16th. Sal runs one of the most popular websites on the intertubes and he will be discussing & playing some of his favorite music and sharing his observations on the state of Rock & Roll music in 2016.

Be there!!!

Captain Al, Corrina, Fudgy and Thunderbyrd.



Lost at Sea Live Tuesday 7/12 From 3-7pm

Join us.

The Captain, Corrina & Fudgy


Amazing doings on the 7/28 Lost at Sea as Steve Simels makes an appearance.

Steve Simels critic, musician and all aound swell fellow will feature that musical voodoo that he do so well.

We will be getting a call from The Long Distance Comedian between 5:30-6:00PM. The last time he called in the Captain almost peeded his pants from laughing so much!

Also the Captain has found the Rosetta Stone for The Kinks’ recording of “Milk Cow Blues” and will feature it on the show.


So join Steve, Captain Al , The Long Distance Comedian and Corrina at 5PM for a Rock & Roll blast!


6/21/16 No Lost at Sea today!!!

I'm too busy becoming a grandpa for the first time!!!!!

A show later this week, check back later for when.

Simels next week.