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Lost At Sea

hosted by Allan Rosenberg  //  Tuesday at 5p est


Listen for new Lost at Sea voyages!!!

While the Captain is away on a winter voyage to Charleston, SC until mid-March please don't dispare as I and the crew have prepared a new show for each week that we are away. The new shows will be added to the playback stream weekly until our return.

Enjoy the new shows each week and enjoy the great music 24/7 here at Area24Radio. Some new surprises planned upon the Captain's return.

Captain Al



Tueday Jan. 17th. - It's Weasels Time!

At noontime today the legendary WEASELS will be visiting our studios! Be scared, be very very scared! And prepared for some great music and hilarious conversation.


Join us!


The Captain, Corrina, Fudgie and Thunderbird.


December 27th - Steve Simels is our guest today!

We go live at noontime. Lots of musical hijinks!!!

 Join us.

 Captain Al, Corrina, Thunderbird & Fudgie!


Damned if I know...

...when Steve Simels will be our guest but keep checking in and I'll let you know as soon as I know. Honest!


Captain Al & the crew.


Tuesday 11/8 - Election Day Special

Join The Captain, the crew and some of the other DJs here at Area24Radio at 7PM as we present our musical coverage of the 2016 election. We intend to stay on the air until at least 1AM to see what happens. Watch with the sound off on your favorite news network and groove to the music with us here at Area24Radio!


The Captain