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Cocktails with Chris

hosted by Christine Potter   //   Friday at 4p est

"I'm just a gal who likes to mix things up: music, strange cocktail ingredients, and a swanky Nick & Nora ambiance with old school free form rock and roll radio.  It's no secret that I'm a little obsessive about all things Robyn Hitchcock, but my husband's OK with it.  Besides, I end every Cocktails with Chris by standing next to one of the world's great pipe organs for a few minutes and subjecting my listeners to the sometimes-deafening results.  I promise you a tasty cocktail recipe every week, along with music that starts with The Comedian Harmonists, careens through psych and prog rock, and often smashes into the shoals of roots and jazz.  Not to mention a sprinkling of indie pop, and Brit folk. Join me high atop the Potter building, in a swanky neighborhood near you." - cp


A Wicked Wahine!

Yeah, I like tiki drinks and tropical punches.  How can you not?  They're fruity, easy to drink, usually involve rum--and I love a rum drink.  Everyone likes them.  They're fun as coolers in the summer and reminders of warmer days to come in the winter (if we ever get a winter again here).

I'm linking right here to a drink I've been playing with this week called a Wicked Wahine.  It's got spiced rum, falernum--a liqueur you should own-- and citrus, grenadine, and bitters. Falernum tastes like rummy apple pie. It can instant Captain Morgan-ize any cocktail without making you feel silly about a bottle with a silly pic on it.  But the Wicked Wahine is yummy, even though it calls for spiced rum (yo-ho, Captain!) AND falernum.  Strong but not killer.  

By the way, the original source for this drink is Imbibe Magazine, worth checking out.  

Shall we meet for drinks, Thursday at 4 at Area 24?  I thought so!


Back to the Bronx

Lately, I've been mixing with orange juice again.  For a long time, I didn't like the way OJ can take over a drink, and it doesn't have the snap that tarter citrus does.  But there are orange drinks I like: the Monkey Gland, for one.  And this, adopted from Dale De Groff's version:

The Bronx

1 and 1/2 oz gin

1/2 oz dry vermouth

1/2 oz sweet vermouth

1 oz freshly squeezed OJ

Dash of bitters--angostura or orange


C'mon--who doesn't like the NAME of this drink?  Shake hard over ice, strain into a chilled cocktail glass, garnish with an orange twist or a quarter of a wheel, thinly sliced.  


This strikes me as a good pre-Easter dinner tipple.  Try it and let me know if you agree.


We'll be mixing it up on the air at 4 PM Thursday, as always!


At Last--A Nicky Finn!

For years, I've looked at recipes for Nicky Finn cocktails and not tried them because, well Pernod is not Absinthe.  It just isn't.  Close, but no cigar.  But now that good Absinthe is available in the States, all of those anise-flavored drinks are much more inviting (the incredibly lethal Sazerac and the somewhat less lethal Monkey Gland being two other examples).

I always thought this drink's name was a joke on the Micky Finn--a drink laced with knock-out drops employed in kidnapping and other nefarious schemes, and that's a piece of it.  But it's named for Niccolo de Quattrociocchi, an Italian gambler, actor, and restaurant owner of the 20's, 30's, and 40's.  He wrote a cookbook called Love and Dishes.  His joint in NYC was called El Borracho--The Drunkard.

The Nicky Finn

1 ounce brandy or cognac

1 ounce lemon juice, freshly squeezed

1 ounce cointreau

a  dash of Absinthe

Shake hard over ice, strain into chilled cocktail glass, garnish with a brandied cherry.  Paul Harrington says this is best as an after-dinner drink, but I think it works fine as an aperitif.  It's tart enough, and the absinthe gives it a really interesting edge. 

We'll be sipping and spinning at 4 on Area 24 today!


Nata Traub Comes To Visit 

When I started this show, I had hoped to offer a platform to other local cocktail-istas who wanted to come on board and talk drinks with me.  But I got so involved in learning about mixology myself that I went down that road instead.

This week, I'm having Nata Traub on and getting back to my original concept for Cocktails with Chris: lots of music, but also a little more talk about what to put in the cocktail shaker.  Nata's in a mixology throwdown right now with her one of her latest 'n' greatest creations, the Veneto Sparkler and I've linked to it.  It's a bit more complicated than what we usually do on CwC--but does that sound yummy or WHAT?  I want one NOW and it's only quarter after twelve!

Tune in tomorrow for music and a bit of chat with Nata Traub on Cocktails with Chris at 4 PM.


Spring!  Really?


Winter never did come--outside of that oddball snowstorm before Halloween, and one medium-sized snowfall in January.  Of course, that's in The Swanky Neighborhood near you. If you're reading this in Alaska, you may absolutely throw snowballs at me.

Here, it was over 70 degrees yesterday, and I haven't even gotten my spring and summer clothing down from the attic yet.  But who DOES that this early on? 

In the world of cocktails, it's a similar puzzlement: St Pat's on Saturday, but the whole mixing-with-Irish-whiskey thing bugs me.  Good Irish whiskey should be drunk with just enough water to set it off, and nothing else to vex it, sez me.  What really calls me is a Harp, sitting outside in the sun, but I've got this blog to write, a radio station to run, and family to please. 

You want to know what I drank last night?  It's totally NOT like me--not a classic cocktail, and only containing one slightly oddball ingredient.  Let's call it:

The Unseasonable Weather

2 oz vodka

a generous splash of unsweetened cranberry juice (available in health food stores and some markets)

a dash of Rose's Lime juice, to taste


Build in a highball glass with plenty of nice, big ice cubes, stir with a swizzle stick, garnish with a lime slice.  Tart, refreshing & soothing. It's kind of a lightened Cosmo soda pop.  Lovely, really.

Unsweetened cranberry juice, by the way, is useful stuff.  It's a great color and can rescue a batch of drinks that's gone over the edge into sweet.  When you're not making cocktails, it's refreshing plain in seltzer (use just a little at first, 'cause it really IS sour).  It's actually good for you.

See ya on the air at 4 PM!