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A Wicked Wahine!

Yeah, I like tiki drinks and tropical punches.  How can you not?  They're fruity, easy to drink, usually involve rum--and I love a rum drink.  Everyone likes them.  They're fun as coolers in the summer and reminders of warmer days to come in the winter (if we ever get a winter again here).

I'm linking right here to a drink I've been playing with this week called a Wicked Wahine.  It's got spiced rum, falernum--a liqueur you should own-- and citrus, grenadine, and bitters. Falernum tastes like rummy apple pie. It can instant Captain Morgan-ize any cocktail without making you feel silly about a bottle with a silly pic on it.  But the Wicked Wahine is yummy, even though it calls for spiced rum (yo-ho, Captain!) AND falernum.  Strong but not killer.  

By the way, the original source for this drink is Imbibe Magazine, worth checking out.  

Shall we meet for drinks, Thursday at 4 at Area 24?  I thought so!

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