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A-440...And Beyond

hosted by Terry D'Attore  //  Saturday at 10a est



Gary wasn't able to make it in this week due to an accident. But thankfully he is on the mend and we expect him with us as soon as possible. He had put an outstanding playlist together!

Past week did birthday hurrahs for Jeff Beck and Todd Rundgren and a tribute to Clarence Clemons.

Also a set for Leslie West who lost a leg due to diabetes. Perhaps,  when he is better, he along with BB King, Neil Young, one of the Jonas bros and Tommy Lee can get together for a Diabetes Awareness concert. Just a thought.

Will post later in the week, trying to sort schedules of a number of folks.


Gary Kiernan will co-host this coming Saturday!

Gary Kiernan, a friend for a few hundred years, will be joining me in the studio. It is going to be some awesome music and a ton of fun!!!

Gary has always been in-touch with his musical-self and has a DJ business in Dutchess County to make sure he stays musically inclined.

Some music for Clarence and for Leslie and rock and blues and and and and... just about anything :)


Coming in the not too distant future Lou Pallo and Nepo Soteri will each be joining me in the studio! More about these artists next week!


Dan Hickey was great

This past week's show was fantastic! Dan was a pro and holy cow does he know about his music.

Plus I got turned onto some new music, which is always great!

Dan, Thank for joining me.

We have more fun coming up in the near future. Hope to have some dates sorted out this week and then will post an update.


A440+ is tonight!

A-440...and Beyond will be airing at a special time this week. I will be following Zack's Old Fart At Play tonight!

I am hoping I can get there in time for a live hand-off, they are crazy. But if not as soon as I can.


Terry+Alex+Ian = Fun show!

Had a blast with my son, Alex, and his friend Ian. Alex you may have heard before on my show and Ian writes for theneedledrop.com

The music varied in new ways and I thank them both for bringing that to us.

Next week, I may have to move to a Friday night spot. More to come...