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A-440...And Beyond

hosted by Terry D'Attore  //  Saturday at 10a est


Wow = Lou Pallo

What a great time! Lou was an absolute gentleman, with his delightful wife and friends, joining us in the studio today! Great music and stories!

Just an FYI: Lou Pallo played with Les Paul for 30 or so years. He currently leads the Les Paul Trio, which plays every Monday night at The Iridium in NYC. He plays Wednesdays at Ruperts in Riverdale, NJ.

He is the 15th person to have a Gibson signature guitar. It is a thing of beauty and with the P90 and Dirty Finger pickups is perfect for jazz, blues, good ol' rock and roll or damn near anything.

He is currently working on a Les Paul tribute with a batch of friends (Slash, Keith Richards, Steve Miller, Gibbons, etc). Keep your eyes out. It is being recorded on 2 in tape and is being worked analog. It is also being limited release on vinyl! The first day the vinyl is available, I want it! There is also a documentary being put together.

As Lou was leaving he mentioned coming back with a bass player! I, for one, can not wait!!!

It was indeed an honor and a tremendous amount of fun having Lou Pallo in-studio! Thank you, Lou.


Lou Pallo joins us in studio in just under 2 hours

Lou Pallo played with Les Paul for about 30 years. He currently is leading the Les Paul Trio at the Iridium in NYC each Monday night. He is the 15th person to have a Gibson Signature guitar created for them. The list of people he has performed with is nothing short of amazing! This brief intro doesn't do him justice but hopefully whets your appetite.

We are honored that he will be joining us in the studio today!

So tune in at 10am this morning for some phenomenal music!



Good to be back

Had last weekend off while I went to Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival with my sons. A Great time was had by all.

Nice to be back in the studio with moments until the show starts. Oddly enough, some bluegrass will be played. Along with a slew of other musical types.

Fesseha's guest co-host spot will be scheduled for later in the summer.

Now I have to get ready.


When Schedules Align!

ok, things are coming together and we have a bunch of GREAT shows coming at you!

This week (July 9) Katie Gorycki will be co-hosting the show with me! Katie will be selecting a very brave set. She will be sharing music that brings her back to particular places, events and people.

The week after (July 16) Fessiha will be co-hosting with me. Fessiha is a local youth who loves music. Every youth show turns me onto new music and are always tremendously fun. I expect the same here!

July 30th Lou Pallo will be joining me in the studio. Lou will be playing some of his music and we will chat. Lou is one of those guitar gods, just in case you didn't know. He played with Les Paul for the 26 or so years. He is only the 15th person to have a signature Gibson guitar! The list of people he has played with goes on for pages and pages of way cool names. He is a great guy and it will be one fantabulous show!



Gary wasn't able to make it in this week due to an accident. But thankfully he is on the mend and we expect him with us as soon as possible. He had put an outstanding playlist together!

Past week did birthday hurrahs for Jeff Beck and Todd Rundgren and a tribute to Clarence Clemons.

Also a set for Leslie West who lost a leg due to diabetes. Perhaps,  when he is better, he along with BB King, Neil Young, one of the Jonas bros and Tommy Lee can get together for a Diabetes Awareness concert. Just a thought.

Will post later in the week, trying to sort schedules of a number of folks.