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A-440...And Beyond

hosted by Terry D'Attore  //  Saturday at 10a est


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It's how I keep in touch, with what's going on for each show. What artists/musical types I am "feeling."

When I start early or am going to run long, I will also make note in these spots.

I also take "Earworm Removal" requests most weeks.


Massive Update Time

This coming weekend will be a fun show. I may do a pre-show AfterParty. What that means is I start before my normal 10am start time. This week so far we have to have plenty of New Orleans music, some Tony Bennett and Whitney Houston are also in order. I  think a bit of Valentine appropriate music may be good too. Ohh, just got the new Gary Husband CD too! It features Allan Holdsworth, John McLaughlin, Jan Hammer, etc.

Last show I brought a cassette I picked up in my travels from Don McMinn. Whose band at the time was the house band of the Rum Boogie Cafe on Beale St, Memphis. This week I unearthed another cassette. This time from Vancouver.

I am very excited about the Kickstarter that is coming for Area24Radio! I want to thank Bill Benson and Jim DeMarco for their contributions! Just in case you haven't heard that lately. Both Bill and Jim have joined me for shows. Jim is a rockin guitarist/songwriter/producer and Bill is the folksy songwriter/guitarist/producer. You both ROCK in my book!

Link for Jim's band, Fifty Habit: http://www.fiftyhabit.com/

Link for Bill Benson: http://www.reverbnation.com/fan/control_room/760531#!/billbenson


We have some shows getting ready to go. Purposely did not plan any guests over the winter, but who knew we would have such a mild winter.


Cover Ups- This is a show where I will be joined by John Pavlik. We will play 2 songs, one an original and the other a cover. They won't be your everyday covers/originals either. Some of you will remember when John was last on for the "Smells Like Ska.' That show was too damned fun! I have NO doubt this will be the same.

Earth Day- I will be joined by Katie Gorycki for a show where we will focus on... you guessed it... mother earth! Katie joined me for a very revealing show in the past. I expect this show to be deep and with great music!

Lou Pallo- Lou played with Les Paul for over 40 years and currently heads up the Les Paul Trio at the Iridium in NYC. He is the 15th person to have a signature Gibson in their name. Lou joined us for some music and an in-depth and relaxed conversation last year. He is currently working on the Les Paul Historical Tribute, which is being mastered all in the analog realm! It WILL come out on vinyl as well as CD. There is a DVD that will be released. I got to see a preview of the DVD and it is wonderful! All manner of greats are on it as well, Billy Gibbons, Keith Richards, Steve Miller, Slash, etc. Lou will join us with a bit of accompaniment when the Tribute is released. I will be seeing Lou next week and hope to get a better idea of timing.

Some links for Lou http://www.loupallo.com/ and http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/Les-Paul/Gibson-USA/Lou-Pallo-Signature-Les-Paul.aspx

Karen- Yes, she has her songs together and will be joining me for a show this spring. Those who know her, know what to expect! It will be her radio debut, so let's maker her welcome.


Alex & Sean- When a youth joins me in the studio, it is always a lot of energy and fun! Both of my boys said this week that they wanted to do another show. Shows with Alex and Sean have me in stitches! The fun does transmit over the air.

Danny Hickey- Said he would love to do another show. It will probably be this spring as well. After February and before end-of-year-insanity.

I am forever amazed at the depth and breadth of musical tastes of the youger generation. It is heart warming and they turn me onto bands routinely!


Special Shows:

Working on a few special shows that may be whole shows, After Parties, or woven into shows. It somewhat depends on how it works out. Some of them are:

British Invasion- I don't think I have to say too much about this one. My first thought is to weave this into Karen's show, but not 100% sure yet.

Really beyond A440- I am going to have to reach out for help on this one. A440 is the tuning used by much of the music industry. There are musics and time periods in which tuning was different. I would LOVE to piece together a show where all the music is tuned to other frequencies.

Thanks to Worldwide Listeners- There are a number of countries that tune in regulary to Area24Radio. If I take the top 10 or so countries and play a few songs from each of those countries, I think that would be a wonderful thank you! It is fun putting it together too. Who knows this could turn into something bigger...

There's more in the hopper, but I think I have rattled on long enough. Thanks for listening!


Today Pie & Mtn

Starting at 9:30 (now!) with "I Walk on Gilded Splinters" from Humble Pie's Performance album followed by Mountain's "Dream Sequence" from their Flowers of Evil album.

Then we will settle in to a regular show around 10L30.


Tomorrow Whew!

Tomorrow's show will start earlier than the normal 10am. Not sure exactly when but will try and keep you posted here.

I will most likely be joined by my son, Alex once again in the studio!

The shows tend to be specially formulated for Kitchen Dancing, I am told! So start your weekend with good tunes!


Holiday Show Starting NOW!

Starting just after 7am and going until roughly 10:30ish. Lots of lots of holiday music to start the weekend. :)