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A-440...And Beyond

hosted by Terry D'Attore  //  Saturday at 10a est


Tomorrow Whew!

Tomorrow's show will start earlier than the normal 10am. Not sure exactly when but will try and keep you posted here.

I will most likely be joined by my son, Alex once again in the studio!

The shows tend to be specially formulated for Kitchen Dancing, I am told! So start your weekend with good tunes!


Holiday Show Starting NOW!

Starting just after 7am and going until roughly 10:30ish. Lots of lots of holiday music to start the weekend. :)


Holiday show=Christmas Eve

Will be doing a holiday show on Saturday, Christmas Eve. I will be starting earlier than my usual 10am. Perhaps as early as 7 or 8, but will keep all posted here and on Facebook.

Tis going to be one fun show!


Today and future

I hope you enjoyed today's show, especially earworm removal, 2 snuggly love songs from Uriah Heep and MC5, Bull Angus, some blues, bluegrass, and jamming! :)

Karen's show will be after the new year.

The Christmas show this year will be on Christmas Eve!

I will be joined by one or both sons and we will make holiday music that morning. I am sure it will be a fun fun show.


A look back...

I looked back at the artists and songs played over the past 12+ months and it is interesting. I find it difficult to find a genre not represented. Obviously some are better presented than others. The music ranged from very new to not so very new. Nearly 1000 artists were played. That's in roughly 2 hours per week.  If you think there is a genre or artists I don't play enough, let me know. All in all though, it has been a great time.

Oh another tidbit... the artist with the most songs played on A-440...and Beyond was Bill Benson, followed closely by Frank Zappa w/ or w/o The Mothers. For some reason that made me smile. :)