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A-440...And Beyond

hosted by Terry D'Attore  //  Saturday at 10a est


What a great few weeks! KJ Denhert & Capt Sean the Pirate

2 weeks ago my son, Sean, was back in the studio and we had tremendous fun celebrating Talk Like A Pirate Day! Way too much silly fun! With good pirate themed music.

This past weekend KJ Denhert was in the studio with us and it was wonderful! Great stories and music! Lots of coincidences! If you missed this show, go to the Vault and have a listen. It is posted there.

KJ is on Facebook or go to www.KJDenhert.com and learn more about her and her music.


KJ Denhert - Sat morn Sept 29

KJ Denhert will be joining us in the studio on September 29th starting at 10am! A very real treat this will be! Her music is often described blend of jazzy folk or foly jazz but I just say it's, Great! She will roll through folky,jazzy,funky and on and on.

She is the winner of the John Lennon Songwrters Contest and commonly plays up and down the Hudson River. This summer she also played in Italy at the Umbria Jazz Festival and in the Cape Cod Jazz Festival and other nifty locations.


You can also find her music on iTunes or Amazon or even better yet, at one of her shows!


Bill Benson in less than an hour!

Joining me in the studio this morning is Bill Benson. He is a singing songwriting guitar-playing guy who writes and performs great music! Give a listen :)


Bill's music can be found on ReverbNation.


What's coming...

This week I will be playing some of the artists I have seen over the past two weeks including (in no particular order):

Pleasantville Music Festival- Davy Knowles, ZZ Ward, True Apothecary, and Sloan Wainwright

Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival- Del McCoury, Punch Brothers, David Bromberg, Infamous Stringdusters, Mountain Heart, and Monroeville

Plus tributes to 3 great artists: Jon Lord, Bob Babbit, and Larry Hoppen

Celebration of Carlos Santana's and Mick Jagger's birthdays

I also have a hankering to end the show with Tarotplane from Capt. Beefheart followed by something from Vangelis's China album.

Further ahead:

Sean came up to me and said, "Dad, I want to do a pirate show." I looked at him, wondering what spurred this thought. Since Talk Like A Pirate Day is fast approaching, I said, "Ok, come in and help me with a Talk Like A Pirate Day show." This is going to be a very fun show!

Bill Benson has agreed to come back into the studio and I can't wait! A show with Bill is always great music and is relaxed and fun! Do check out him on www.ReverbNation.com! I will keep you posted as to timing.

Some time back John Pavlick had an idea for a coverup show. Where we play an original and a cover. The criteria is both must have been somewhat popular and the cover has to bring something to the table. The time is nigh approaching. This will be a week night show fairly soon!



Well, still have some folks to get in and dj along with me. It was great fun having Katie in a couple of weeks ago.

Lou Pallo will be joining us with some accompaniment when the Les Paul tribute is ready.

Bill Benson said he wanted to come by again and I like that idea!

Did very well this year for Record Store Day. Played some highlights last week and probably will for the next month or so. :) Fun stuff!

In search of artists to come and join us in the studio...

Why, you ask? Cause it's fun! :)