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A-440...And Beyond

hosted by Terry D'Attore  //  Saturday at 10a est



It has been too long since I have been here.

The Valentine show was so tremendously fun with my wife, Karen! I do have to have more guest dj's. Each and every time it is so much fun. Also have to get some more musicians in studio.

I am missing this Saturday's show but I might be able to slide over there Sunday and if not then next Saturday.

Whenever it is, the next show will be Zappa laden. Last night I went to see the Dweezil Zappa's Zappa Plays Zappa. An amazing show!


This week it's all about Christmas!

Lately I have been somewhat thematic, which has been working out to be a pleasant and interesting way to wend through music.

A few weeks ago, we traveled through the rainbow. Some tributes, Hanukkah, and last week's show was about equality. Equality across various artificial distcinctions that people create. Nelson Mandela's passing moved me in this way.

This week it is all about Christmas! I hope you enjoy the mixed bag of musical holiday treasures tomorrow morning. :)


Ahhh! Where have I been?

So Marv Ashby & High Octane came in and what a bunch of great guys and the music was out-of-this-world!


Then a couple weeks after, we had Dennis Gruenling. He is a world class blues harmonica player. Consistently ranked right at the top of the pack. A wonderful show talking about harmonicas, blues, bullet microphones and his past and his thoughts! Oh yeah... let's not forget to mention great music!


2 weeks ago, I celebrated (a bit late) the 65 Birthday of the LP by playing either long songs or album sides. As I put that show together I could have played music for 72 hours straight in this fashion, but I went on for 4 hours. I will be following this up with a second installment. 65 doesn't happen every day and i have it on good authority that the LP is NOT retiring!

In between the 2 shows above, we took a tour musically through the year, starting with Fall, for an hour and then played summer songs for the second hour. That was a fun show!

Now I am thinking on just who might be the next artist to visit... hmmmm


Marv Ashby & High Octane next week- Sat May 11

Marv Ashby & High Octane are visiting us from West Virginia and bringing their hard-driving bluegrass with them! It will definitely be a fun fun show, great music and perhaps the most musicians in the studio performing at one time!


Find them on Facebook as well and give a Like :)


Next up: Dennis Gruenling - harmonica guru - stay tuned


Past, Present & Future

Oh my, it's been too long since I have been here. Hopefully you enjoyed the extra special Holiday shows to take you through the holiday season. John Pavlik came in for a special "Cover That Up" show that was great fun, playing songs and covers. Interesting perspectives gained and lots of fun had!

Shows have been a lot of fun and been hearing more and more new bands.

Coming Up:

Marv Ashby and High Octane will be joining us in the studio for some West Virginia bluegrass! These guys kick some ass and are due in the studio May 11th!

They are on Reverb Nation http://www.reverbnation.com/marvashbyhighoctane and on Facebook.

Lou Pallo will be joining us in the studio once again! The first time Lou came in was so much fun and this time will be just as great!

http://www.loupallo.com/ is his website. His latest release is a tribute to Les Paul (with whom he played for 40 years) containing an insanely great cast of characters and is found here http://thankyoules.com/index.php/documentary

He also plays weekly at http://theiridium.com/


Other stuff

Will hopefully be getting a couple of youths to come in and perform. There is a particularly good 12 year old blues guitarist that may join me.

Plus talking with some people about joining me as guest dj's! These events are always so much fun and bring such good music to everyone.