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A-440...And Beyond

hosted by Terry D'Attore  //  Saturday at 10a est


Fifty Habit r r0x

It was so much fun having Jim and Jimmy DeMarco from the band Fifty Habit in the studio with us. Two great guys and great musicians. When the mikes were off one of two things happened: either

1 we were chatting like crazy


2 we all had headphones on and monitors blasting as we just sat and enjoyed the music

One of the funniest things that can't come across radio is that we all had different t-shirts on but all had a skull on them. Why I think that is funny, I don't really know but it was.

I can't wait for their new cd!



Fifty Habit is coming!

This week the Rockland County based hard rockin' Fifty Habit will be with us in the studio!

We will have a nice quiet conversation and be playing not-so-quiet music from their musical careers.

It should be fun and I know the music will be great! They are sharing some songs from their soon to be released 2nd cd.


Week 3 is done, but who's counting

Had a great show this week! Was receiving feedback from folks and it was so good.

At one point, I was told the cd was skipping, so I started checking all the equipment and meters as sweat started rolling down my forehead. Fortunately, for the show it was his equipment. Unfortunately his software was misbehaving. As he pointed out, like a pilot sometimes you just have to trust your equipment. Secretly, I have to tell you, I love equipment with meters.

The After Party was tons of fun, playing Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart for over an hour.

I thank you all for listening and it is still very thrilling for me!

Hope you all enjoy the music and artists because after all, that is what it is about.


First Show

I just finished my first show and I hope people found something to enjoy.
For me, I was on a very natural high afterwards!

It is so wonderful to be welcomed by a nice and helpful group of folks and be allowed to bring music to people. A number of other dj's stopped by to visit which made the first show very special for me. Friends and family were listening and texting. Just a joyous occassion.

I can hardly wait until next week!

Thank you!

PS The large amount of exclamation points is indicative of my current state of elation.

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