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What's ahead

It was nice being back after a week off. Miss the place.

Ok... we have some special shows coming up.

--Guest DJs:

Both my sons will be joining me again in the studio. The first times with each were way too much fun. Sean just mentioned yesterday, that he has his playlist put together!

Also Danny Hickey, another teen who knows his music, is putting together a playlist and will be joining me also.

John Pavlik (from the NY Citizens) had so much fun that we are kicking around a special co-dj show. John has this idea of doing a cover-up show: play a song and a cover of the song. I can guarantee there will great tunes and there will be some surprises. I have the Toy Surprise Inside ALL lined up for this one! :)

-- Musical Guests:

Matt Hickey will be joining me. Matt (Danny's dad) picks some mighty fine stringed things, sings great, tell informative and entertaining stories and is a great guy! So don't miss that show!

Chris O'Leary, former frontman for Levon Helm's Barn Burners, will be joining us in the studio! I can't wait, it promises to be some awesome music and a good time. Chris is in the running for Best New Artist Debut in the 2011 Blues Music Awards! So go to blues.org and give him a vote and buy his cd, "Mr. Used To Be." His web site is www.thechrisolearyband.com and the band is on Facebook as well.

Clawhammer Tim, Boston based, will join us when he is in town! When he comes to town, get ready for some awesome banjoing and great stories and perhaps some musical history! If you are in the Boston area and wish to learn how to play the banjo using the clawhammer technique, then look him up!

Nepo Setori was scheduled for March, but is back in the studio. We will have to re-check his schedule. The good news, is we will have even more new music from him! Nepo is a Rwanda civil war survivor and his music is a blend of cultures and is damned good. Go to www.neposoteri.com for more information.

Danon will be joining us also. Danon is another multi-instrumentalist. He has a song on the "African Lullaby" album, which is available on Amazon. His song is Tesegu which means "Don't Worry." Danon's show may be a co-dj/artist which will be a rip! Originally from the Ivory Coast, Danon as a youth was musically influenced by both African and American music. (Plus he tells some great stories of playing with and knowing other African musicians and remembers when they were drumming on cans, etc.)

It is possible that Danon and Nepo come together for an acoustic session.

Jim DeMarco and Avery Lazarus from Fifty Habit may be able to get together for an acoustic session. Both are great guitarists, both different styles and it will be a great show. We have talked a bit about it and I hope it happens. If we can get Jimmy in town, hell, we might have a live Fifty Habit show!!!

(It is really special when an artist comes to the studio. We have had Bill Benson, Fifty Habit, and John Pavlik/NY Citizens. Just a few weeks ago Treavor (Sonic Streamz) had Patrick McGrath in the studio. All of these shows have been over-the-top great! When you hear a guest is on, clear the calendar! If you can't, DO go grab them from the archive while you can. I am probably missing some artists, please forgive me and let me know and I will amend this.)

--Other shows:

My sister, brother, and myself are collaborating on a show, "Sh*t My Mom Played." Music was very important to my mother, so perhaps it's genetic? Some of you may remember when my brother co-dj-ed with me some months back, a great show!

I think Valentine's Day falls on a Saturday in 2015. I have 4 years to put together perhaps a 6 hour show of love songs!

After Parties will continue! They may be varietal or may be specific as they have in the past. Either way, they sure are fun to do though.

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