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A-440...And Beyond

hosted by Terry D'Attore  //  Saturday at 10a est


Tomorrow Sept 26 Surf Party!

Unsteady Freddie will be joining me in the studio. He's bringing tonage of albums and will guide us through a Surf Rock interesting and historical stroll.

It promises to be a humdinger of a show!


Holy Moly!

I'll catch this up later....


My oh my...

Well lately instead of my meandering through a gazillion styles of music, I have focused on a handful or so of artists. Just for a little variety.

Last week focused on BB King, Johnny Winter, The Chris O'Leary Band, George Harrison, and Emerson Lake & Palmer, and some other artists sprinkled in there too.

This week focusing on John Lennon who would have had a birthday yesterday; Lou Pallo who did have a birthday this week; Paul Revere & The Raiders in memory of Paul Revere, John Hiatt and Rob Thomas since I saw them both recently (not together) in concerts.

Now... this weekend we will be live in the studio most of Saturday and Sunday during the day. We broadcast from an collection of buildings chock full of artists, photographers, painters, screenwriters, video producers, helicopter builders, glass blowers, ... and it is open house.

So if you are in the neighborhood STOP By and say hello!

Right after me will be some live music in studio!!! Oh yeah!


Apr 26 - Saturday- special night show!

Moving from the morning to the evening and starting the show at 9pm!

Cooking up some wonderful music for ya'll enjoyment!


Thinking as I type this: the next time I do this, I will have to cook a risque show for an evening time slot. :)


Today Irish & Nawlins & Zappa

How's that for a wonderful combo!

Roughly an hour of each just cause it feels good that way. Well ok, also because Monday is St. Patrick's Day and Mardi Gras is recently over and because I saw Dweezil Zappa in ZPZ a week or two ago.

Hope you enjoy!